I Fear F.3.A.R

For some insane reason, my co-op partner & I decided to both rent, and play F.3.A.R. Now, seeing as we’d be able to actually play it co-operatively (unlike DS2, which we had to play through in unison), we thought it’d all be fine. Not too scary or difficult…how wrong we were.

The first 2 levels were fine. Not difficult, not overly scary. I played as Fettel, and I really enjoyed possessing enemies, or helping my partner by raising enemies up, who were in cover. So yea, we were having fun…until the 3rd ‘interval’. Everything was as normal, then we had to climb a ladder. So I start climbing…then stop dead, deafen my mate, and damn near have a heart attack! As I was climbing the ladder, Alma just randomly appears, and yea…really wasn’t expecting anything to happen while I simply climbed a ladder. It was at this point, I realised this game wasn’t gonna be a walk in the park…

We had plenty of other scares too. The thing that I kept finding most…disturbing, was that we didn’t always see things together. At one point, my partner shot someone, while I was turned away dealing with another enemy, she suddenly shouts at me to turn around. I kill my dude, turn around and see nothing. As she’s shot the guy, the blood splatter/spray had seemingly formed the shape of Alma…D=

I think one of the creepiest, and quite possibly the funniest situations transpired last night. I believe we were playing interval 7 (the mall), and there were those moving walkways. I’ll be honest, we were being idiots (for instance, finding a phone number in the game, and ringing it…), so I jump on the moving walkway, explaining I was tired of using Fettel’s legs. Then on the other walkway, which moved towards me on the other side (if this all makes sense), Alma suddenly appears on it, and is brought forward…I panic, and start trying to walk backwards on my walkway, while chanting ‘ew ew ew, she’s coming for me! Let me off! Let me off! *more general freaking out*’. Of course my co-op buddy falls apart laughing at me, while I continue to freak out…

After plenty more flailing about, and stupid Alma apparitions, we finally completed the game. I think I need to play Lego HP again, just to bleach away the bad memories of Alma…oh, and the nightmares where she makes me stack shelves…but we’ll save that story for another time!

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