LEGO – Loathsome. Exasperating. Grating. Outrage.

I love the Lego games (or at least, I did love the Lego games), I especially love Lego Harry Potter. Earlier this year, I purchased Lego HP Years 1-4, decided I enjoyed it so much – that I wanted to 1k it. Now, me wanting to 1k something is usually a sign of me really loving the game (Dragon Age 2, for instance) or just being an achievement whore (Terminator Salvation, for instance).

So yea…I play Lego HP 1-4, I find 199/200 gold bricks, 165/167 character tokens, 20/20 red blocks/post boxes/parcels/whatever, rescue all the SIPs (students in peril, to those non-Lego HP nerds), got 24/24 crests. Basically, I kicked that games arse…then I enter the clock tower, to collect my last gold brick…nope. It won’t appear, no matter how much I try, complain or cry. I eventually check some forums, and discover that this brick can glitch for some people, and yea…no 1k for them! I was one of these people. Stupid bloody, glitchy ass games! Grr!

I’m sorry, the mere memory of my heartache, makes me angry…anyway. Against my better judgement, I rented Lego HP Years 5-7. I couldn’t locate one of the SIPs, so I again, turned to the forums of knowledge…only to discover that Lego HP 1 has been patched, and only bloody well works now! You can imagine my joy…so yea, both Lego HP games have now been 1k-ed. I may never be able to play another Lego game again, as if I see one more bloody stud, I may just ragequit my own life.

Great little games…but good God, they can be frustrating! I’m pretty sure that all I’ve done over the past 2 days or so, is complain to my mate about how much I wanna punch Lego Harry in his stupid, plastic face.


~ by HerEvilRoyalty on November 26, 2011.

2 Responses to “LEGO – Loathsome. Exasperating. Grating. Outrage.”

  1. The Lego games suck buttocks and they annoy the hell out of me, but then again it doesn’t take very long for me to get annoyed =/ Happy for you that you’ve finally managed to 1K them both, yay for you! =)

  2. I so need to get the pc versions!

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