Playing Dead Space 2…or ‘how I deafened my friend’.

 So yea, I’m alittle (okay, maybe a lot) late to the Dead Space 2 party, but at least I showed up…in the end.

After much persuasion from a certain cookie loving, resident evil obsessed nerd, I agreed to play Dead Space 2. On the condition that said nerd would play it through with me – we hop into party chat, and play through the campaign in unison. (Random thought: coop for Dead Space 1/2 would have been awesome)

I’m actually surprised at how much I’m enjoying this game! The ‘necromorphs’ are ridiculous looking, and the way some of them move is just hilarious – but! This game is still terrifying! And the thing that makes it terrifying, is in fact me. It’s a very tense sort of game, when I’m playing I’m literally on tender hooks – just waiting for something to jump out, or worrying that I’ll turn a corner and be jumped. So before you even bring in the scary beasties, I’ve managed to terrify myself to the point of almost not being able to play.

I’m not a huge horror game (or in fact film/TV fan – yet I’m obsessed with Supernatural? Go figure!) fan. But this game…woah. I think it’s because it’s got such an interesting, and rather twisted storyline. Plus, the character of Isaac Clarke is just brilliant, I love him. I think it’s that badass outfit that he rocks!

I’m only just starting to realise how good the survival horror  genre is. When you watch a horror film, you’re on edge, but you’re watching these horrible things happen to someone else. When you’re playing a game like Dead Space, it feels like it’s happening to you – in the sense of, you’re thinking ‘no way I am going down that corridor, what do I look like? Mental?’ you choose where the character goes, how they react – shoot, run, die (my usual ‘option’ -.-).

The games soundtrack is also brilliant, it’s very atmospheric, and really adds a lot to the overall tension of the game. The random noises – creaks, screams, etc. are also brilliant, in the ‘oh good God, whatever is making that noise, please do not notice me!’ sort of way.

One of the scariest things for me, is when you walk into a room full of supposedly dead bodies, as I automatically feel safe, so when I walk upto one of these fake dead things, and it jumps up…yea, anyone in my XBL party is gonna be deafened. It really is a game that gets the old ticker beating faster!

I honestly don’t think I could play this game ‘on my own’, as it were. Even though myself & my friend aren’t even in the same room, it still feels like someone has my back (the way she always does, in every other game we play lol), because if she gets slightly ahead of me – she warns me of whatever is going to happen or how to defeat something easily. And in turn, I strive to do the same for her, but I tend to just panic a lot. Doh! I’m pretty sure I’m scaring her, more than the game is! I do freakout a lot lol

Anyway, the point of this post was just to say that Dead Space 2 is awesome, terrifying, but awesome! The way that we’re playing it, makes it all the more enjoyable. Think we’ll definitely play more singleplayer games like this, in the future. Just goes to show, a game doesn’t always need multiplayer (even thought DS2 does have MP) or even coop, to be able to play the campaign ‘co-operatively’.

~ by HerEvilRoyalty on November 7, 2011.

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