Online Loneliness – Revisited

On the 9th of December 2010, I wrote a short blog about how lonely I often get, while I’m online. I said in the post, that I wanted to make more of an effort to be a member of an online community. So, it’s now the 23rd of September 2011, I figured I’d give an update on how that little ‘goal’ has been going…

I’m a writer over at, the owner (Amba) has actually became one of my best friends. She actually came to stay with me, for a couple of days. One of the guys who previously wrote for TGI (Ianando), is also a very good friend to me now too. I’ve created a guild on Warcraft, it’s pretty much just me in it, but I have made a few friends on the Quel’Thalas server. The TGI team are also on Warcraft now too, so if/when they’re on, we have a bit of a flail (aka, we play MMORPG tag or MMORPH hide & seek XD).

After some difficult times in June, I created a LiveJournal ( account. I’ve made a couple of friends on there, plus some of TeamTGI are on there too. LJ has really helped me to just get some of the things that try to eat me alive, out of my head. I’ve actually started paying for the service, I love the site so much – flail lol. But yea, I love my LJ! Or flailjournal as myself, and Amba have renamed it.

I don’t use twitter quite as much as I used to, mainly because the people that I would talk to on there, I now talk to via text/MSN/BBM/XBL/etc. I’m still not a huge fan of facebook, it’s mainly just there as photo storage. Although it’s alright for SPN or gaming intel!

XBL is still my main method for socialising lol =/ but yea, I always have a giggle, when I’m in a party with my friends, while we flail about on something. I figure so long as I’m happy, it’s all good =)

Anyway…yea. I’m not lonely when I’m ‘online’ now, there’s nearly always someone to chat to, or play games with. And yea, I’ve made some really great ‘real life’ friends. Was hoping to have met a few other of my twitter friends at EGX, but those plans had to be changed. We’ll just have to see what happens next year!

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~ by HerEvilRoyalty on September 23, 2011.

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  1. Good to know! =D *high five*

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