PSN 5 Steps To Recovery

I know many of you are suffering from PSN-withdrawal. This is a serious illness, which we all must overcome. Follow these 5 steps, to bring yourself to a place of mental acceptance…let the healing begin.

Step 1: Shower Sony with your adoration. You know you love PSN, I know you love PSN…but does Sony know that you love PSN? Tell Sony that their service is superior to Microsoft, and Nintendo. Tell them you miss your PSN, that your life feels empty, without it.

Step 2: Get angry with Sony. You gave my what to who, now!? Threaten Sony, doing so always makes a huge difference! Perhaps threatening them with the loss of your custom, will make them fix your beloved PSN faster…? Go on, get mad. They’ll be sure to take note that they might lose your subscription fee…of nothing.

Step 3: Be reasonable. You understand Sony’s predicament, and you’re prepared to be the bigger person. Let Sony know this. You’re ready to move forward with your Sony relationship…even though they betrayed you. You can get past this ugly situation, together.

Step 4: Go outside. Go out, enjoy the fresh air, see your friends, get a life…then remember that you hate your real life friends, that fresh air isn’t all it’s made out to be, and that your PSN life is way better than your real life. Come back indoors…

Step 5: Buy an XBox360. The most important step in your recovery. Join the working online gaming side ;-P

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