DA2: Anders Fanmix ;-)

Anders Fanmix šŸ˜‰

1. Uprising by Muse

2. The Red by Chevelle

3. Little Lion Man by Mumford & Sons

3. Infra-Red by Placebo

4. Disengage the Simulator by cKy

5. Into the Darkness by Kittie

6. Futility by Dreadful Shadows

7. Soil’s Song by Katatonia

8*. Soul on Fire Remix by HIM (Erich Zann’s Supernatural remix)

9*. The Bitter End by Placebo


To me, these songs fit Anders (DA2’s Renegade Apostate), during certain parts of the game.

Uprising – totally Anders theme. His uprising against theĀ oppressionĀ of mages!

The Red – the first time he loses himself to Justice, in-game.

Little Lion Man – after losing himself…I imagine Justice, and Anders having an inner debate…this would totally be playing in the background.

Infra-Red – during Dissent. It works.

Disengage the Simulator – DIS is about someone driving their car off a cliff, then changing their mind as they plummet to their death – but by then, it’s too late. It fits into Anders allowing himself to be possessed by Justice, then realising it’s the wrong decision.

Into the Darkness – the clean vocals, along with the growling fits Anders ‘dual’ personality. Plus it’s his descent into darkness during the Justice quest =p

Futility – after Justice, inner turmoil at how far he’s fallen…and how much farther he’s going to have to go.

Soil’s Song – SS is about how far some people areĀ prepared to go, for what they believe in…very Janders.

Soul on Fire – Ville’s vocals in this song are astounding, they sound desperate…this song just fits Anders, and his angsty inner turmoil…especially the remixed version, where the song has been sped up…altered. Just like him šŸ˜‰ plus the whole enslaved thing…*shudders*

The Bitter End – I know a lot of peopleĀ perceiveĀ this as a love song, I’m not one of those people. I see this song as being about obsession, and the bitter end, literally being the end of that obsession – through destroying it…

*songs that don’t necessarily fit into a specific plot point.

My first fanmix, due to my addiction/obsession with Anders!

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