ME2: Thane Krios

Up until now, I’ve never had much to say about the Mass Effect 2 character, Thane Krios, the Drell assassin. He’s always just been…sort of there. In the background, for me at least. I never really bothered talking to him, save for getting to the point I unlocked his loyalty mission. I never really bothered to utilise him in my party. He was very much ignored…

Until now. I decided to romance him, because he’s the only male character I haven’t romanced. Big mistake on my part, he’s easily the most interesting, and charming character in the entire game. Honestly, I have a slight game crush on him…=p

He just comes across as so…broken, but trying to remain closed off. I just want to cuddle him. He’s just delightful. I went through his entire dialogue, and really enjoyed the interaction between my version of Shepard, and Thane. It was just very…romantic, and sweet. As opposed to how clinical, and ‘laugh out loud’ it was with Garrus. Let’s not even go there with casual boy, Jacob.

Of course, it’s just a silly video game…but it’s an excellently created game. There really has been so much thought, and vast amounts of effort put into each, and every character. They’re all so diverse, and unique in their own, often oddball ways. This is the sort of game that I will more than happily replay time, and again…simply for the character interactions. The fact that I can charm one crew mate, but perhaps antagonise another. I love how it is very much left open for the player.

I for one cannot wait for Mass Effect 3, just lots more Thane please, BioWare!

7 thoughts on “ME2: Thane Krios

  1. I think I have more than a crush on Thane. XD Most fictional guys that I crush on are “hot” and that’s it. But Thane has a personality that’s very enduring, so I can’t help but find him attractive. That and he has styling clothes. 8)


  2. Thane’s romance is nice and sweet, but a little too tragic for my tastes. Personally I didn’t find Garrus’s to be “clinical” or “laugh out loud” at all. Sure, it had a few funny moments (popping the heat sink!), but the last scene IMO trumped Thane’s by far. I’ll take a tender and vulnerable headbump over excessive weepiness any day.

    But of course, to each her own.


  3. there r polls in official forums etc asking that a cure for his disease is found. because the way things look now, thane is the only crewmate that will definitely not show up in mass effect 3. really hope they decide to include him. he is the most badass character in mass effect universe( maybe second, zaeed comes 1st, personal opinion 😛 )


  4. Such a great article! I’m glad you enjoyed playing Thane in Mass Effect 2. I had a blast providing his voice.

    I hope you don’t mind, but I linked to your post at my Facebook fan page, “Keythe Farley is Thane Krios.” I think many of the folks over there will relate.

    Thanks again!



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