Gaming Therapy

When I’m angry, my entire personality changes. I’m usually quite sweet, all smiles, and innocence. Once I get angry, God help anyone in my general vicinity.  It’s not pleasant when I lose my temper.

My solution, my sanctuary has been online gaming. AC: Brotherhood has been my preferred outlet, at least for the past 2 weeks or so. Stalking someone, then stabbing them in the head…yea, it helps. Or my new favourite thing to do on manhunt – hide in a morphed group, wait for the hunter to kill the wrong person – smoke bomb, stun, then run…while shouting ‘chase me, bitch!’ Black Ops/any CoD game really is also quite a good outlet…just jumping into a game of domination, and being able to yell at teammates…it’s not something I can really do, in reality – the screaming obscenities part =p

My point is, people say video games encourage people to be violent. No, if someone is going to be violent, then they’re going to be violent – whether they’ve been playing Hannah Montanna or GTA. Gaming helps me not want to go out, and bash someone’s brains in…=/

When I’ve had an annoying or stressful day, I could go out drinking, take drugs, get into a fight, sleep with a randomer…but personally, I think shooting annoying brats on CoD is far more satisfying…and healthy.

So yea, gaming is my therapy, one of my anger outlets. It just really bothers me when someone says to me, ‘you should get a life, and stop playing those stupid games’ – this stupid game, is what’s currently stopping me from eviscerating you.

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