Social Networking Yay or Nay? Part 2.

Not so long ago I wrote about what I thought of social networking, and I was generally positive towards the topic. Over the past few months, my opinion has changed.

I have met & become friends with some great people, mainly thanks to twitter & XBox Live. However, over the past few months, the friendships I had made – have dwindled. Messaging someone, isn’t the same as talking to them face to face, or chatting to them on the phone.

Social networking sites are supposed to help people stay in touch, I don’t feel that these sites are helping me to do that.

Facebook has caused me more bother than any other site, I’ve ever used. It aided in the breakdown of a relationship, it’s caused more drama than I care to remember & it’s also caused many of my friends the same sort of problems.

Twitter, although still one of my favourite services, has also started to cause me drama, along with causing me to lose touch with people I was once close to. It actually makes me quite sad, because the friendships I’m referring to were built on twitter – but became “real” friendships, only to fall apart thanks to relying on twitter too much. Then there are the “real” friendships that I had, we decided to stay in contact through twitter – as it was cheaper than text messaging – for us to just stop bothering.

I’m sure social networking has been very beneficial to some people, but as of now, it’s not really benefiting me or my social life. If anything, it’s probably making me more unsocial. Which is why I’m trying to back off from using twitter as much. I still have some great friends, who I’m making an extra effort to stay in touch with, through texting or MSN messenger.

Overall though, I have become very slightly negative towards social networking, as a whole.

Social Networking Yay or Nay? Part 1:

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