Reviews aren’t always right…

Originally posted at the brilliant site.

After a recent conversation with a friend, about game review scores, I’ve decided to have a bit of a rant…

To me a game review score is a guidance tool, 1 – horrendous, 5 – average, 10 – perfect. A review score should be fair, and the person reviewing & scoring should be able to justify the score they’ve decided to award the game.

I read quite a few reviews, and I do pay attention to the review score the game has been given, but I wouldn’t allow someone else’s opinion on a game to influence my decision on whether or not to buy (or even like) a game.

However, the person I was talking to, does exactly that. They check the reviewers score of the game, before even reading the review – and decide if they want to play the game, based on someone else’s opinion.

I know that the review is there to give you an idea of if a game is good or not, but my tastes (and yours) could be completely different to someone else’s.  There have been plenty of instances where a game I thoroughly enjoyed, has been given a dreadful review & score. It’s all about what each individual enjoys & finds fun.

So yes, read reviews and take note of what a game scored…but don’t let someone else influence what you do or do not play, or even enjoy.

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