Playing Dress Up! (Costume Quest Review)

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Costume Quest is an adventure RPG available on XBLA (XBox Live Arcade) for 1200Microsoft Points, and PSN (PlayStation Network) for £8.99.

Double Fine Productions, the studio that brought you such gems as Psychonauts, and Brutal Legend, would like to invite you to go trick-or-treating…

The game is set during Halloween night, where you will choose to play as either Wren, the female twin or Reynold, the male twin. As you set off to cause mischief, and horde candy, the twin you didn’t choose to play as is kidnapped by monsters! Oh dear, if we don’t get our twin back we’ll be grounded for life!

The twin you decide to play as will start out in a cardboard robot costume…which transforms into an actual robot, during combat – complete with missiles! Over the course of the game, you will come across costume patterns – if you can locate the necessary item (glitter, cardboard, aluminium foil, etc) you will create that costume, which you can now wear, and battle with!

Each costume (there are 9 in total) has 2 moves during combat – a regular attack, and a special charged attack. The combat in Costume Quest is turn based, and although it can become very repetitive, the cute costumes and special attacks (which charge over 3 turns) keep you playing. During combat QTE’s will appear on screen, if you correctly hit the required button – you execute a successful attack which will do more damage than a botched attack. You will also have access to ‘battle stamps’ (they’re basically buffs), equip one to your character(s), and depending on it’s effect – you could gain extra health, a counter-attack or regain health each turn.

The objective of the game is to locate your kidnapped twin, save Halloween, collect lots of candy, and be home by curfew! In Costume Quest, candy is your currency – and you’re gonna need alot of it if you want to buy all of the battle stamps, from Sadie the enterprising stamp queen.

It’s not all just battling in CQ, however. Over the 3 zones you will visit, you will be required to play hide and seek (you need to locate 6 ‘hidden’ children), bob for apples, and trick or treat all of the houses in the area. Doing so, will unlock a gate – which allows you to move to the next area (the suburbs, a mall that allows trick or treating?, and a carny village).

The charm of CQ is the dialogue (not spoken, just on-screen text) between the children (you will be accompanied on your journey by the nerdy Elliot, and the snarky Lucy). The costumes are also very cute, no Frankenstein’s Monster or Freddy Krueger here – we’re talking unicorns, Lady Liberty, and fairytale Knights!

Overall Costume Quest is very enjoyable, although sadly very short – roughly 4-6 hours of gameplay in total. However, I would highly recommend this game to anyone, as I thoroughly enjoyed playing it. Halloween doesn’t just have to involve playing scary games, you can have just as much fun playing this cute, humorous little treat too!

Pros: very funny, cute, whimsical, easy to get into.

Cons: very short, expensive, on-screen text is quite small and often disappears too quickly, can become very repetitive.

I played Costume Quest on XBLA, all 200 Gamerscore was acquired in 1 playthrough.


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