When it rains…it pours…

Disclaimer: May contain spoilers, read at your own peril. This is not a review, this is just me being a ‘Heavy Rain’ fangirl. Also contains profanity, yes, I am going to Hell.

I own a PS3, have done since it’s launch. It essentially just sits downstairs, collecting dust…maybe occasionally calling out, for someone to pay it attention. That was until Lovefilm sent me a copy of ‘Heavy Rain’. I popped it into the disc none tray, waited (im)patiently for the necessary updates, and installation to finish. After what felt like quite literally hours, the PS3 was finally ready to let me play!

I hit start, told the game I was familiar with a wireless controller, and waited with baited breath to be amazed…kept waiting…ah, there we go. Some blokey is lying in bed…gotta make him stand up…erm, blokey is now naked in the shower, he has a nice bum…gotta give him a shave…okay, get him dressed…downstairs…ah, fuck this! The game was promptly turned off, and I went back to playing CoD4 on my XBox360. However, after a few horrendous rounds of CoD, I decided to once again try out ‘Heavy Rain’ – this time I actually bothered to pay attention, and not get too impatient.

I have to admit, that at first, I was quite bored. I’m used to running around, shooting anything that moves. Whereas this game is quite slow paced, yet it slowly sucks you into it’s little rain drenched world. Before long (Shelby in the convenience store) I was hooked. I have to admit however, I did have some issues with the quick time events (QTEs), alot of the time I would hit the incorrect button – due to my not being at all familiar with the PS3 controller. After having to glance down at the controller, on more than a few occasions, I finally started getting the button sequences correct, and on time.

The story is intriguing, and very twisty. What I loved was being convinced that a certain character was the Origami Killer, and then in my own mind, justifying my suspicions. Only to change my mind, and go through the whole process for a different character. That’s another thing, you genuinely get sucked into this game, and even start to empathise with the characters. You genuinely relate to how much anguish, and desperation Ethan feels, in the hopes of finding his son. Your heart starts pounding, as you realise you’re not alone in Madison’s apartment. You start to grow agitated, at Jayden’s addiction. You sort of smile, and feel sorry for Shelby…the bumbling fool, with a heart of gold…or has he…?

I completed my first play through, within 3 days. I immediately started my 2nd play through, once the credits were finished rolling. I enjoyed my 2nd play through even more, as I was aware of some of the consequences of my actions or even inactions. You determine what happens. Shoot someone, don’t shoot them…threaten someone, be kind to someone…run, or give yourself up…it’s up to you, which is something I really enjoy. I’m currently loving just exploring the different decisions I can make, and then the consequences said decisions have, at the end of my game.

Even after 2 complete play throughs, I fully intend to play this game again. There are so many different endings, I simply must see the majority, if not all, of them.

Basically, if you haven’t played this game, my question to you is: Why? It’s the sole reason my PS3 is getting any use, it’s easily one of the best games I’ve played this year. The indepth story, that makes you want to keep playing, just to see the next chapter. The intriguing, sometimes mysterious characters, and their complex relationships with one another…it’s just a brilliantly thought out, and executed game.

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