Zombies, ’nuff said…

I’m going to make a confession. Zombies are my biggest fear, honest. Illogical, I know. They really do scare the hell out of me! But, I love zombie films and zombie games.

[Sidenote: ‘Quarantine’ (DVD) is bloody awful. Avoid it, unless you like dozing off half way through films! It’s basically an American rip-off, of the Spanish ‘Rec’.]

Where was I? Oh yea, zombies! (I’m not reviewing, I’m just writing about some of my newly favoured zombie games. Honestly, I’m waiting for the downstairs TV to be free, for RE5, hehe.)

Dead Rising – (available on XB360 and also on Wii – Dead Rising: Chop til you drop!) now that’s a good zombie game! You can play it again and again and again! It just doesn’t get old. This is due to the fact that you can avoid certain tasks (bloody Otis!) and depending on how you play, depends on which ending you recieve. This is a fun zombie game, as it’s not scary. (Well, it’s creepy for someone scared of zombies, but it’s a ‘lol’ sort of creepy.) The ability to place lego heads on zombies = legendary. Plus, being able to use all manner of wacky items as weapons is awesome. Tis a great zombie game. It’s almost cartoon-ish in the gore and horror department. Also, keep a lookout for Dead Rising 2.

House of the Dead: Overkill – available on the Wii. This game is what I like to call a ‘B-movie game’. To me, this is the game version of Planet Terror. It’s a fun shooter, especially if you have either Wii gun or HotD: Overkill Hand Cannon gun – fun peices of equipment! Overall, a fun (if slightly silly) game.

Onechanbara: Binkini Samurai Squad – button basher. Erm…not much else to say. =D

Dead Space – they’re ‘Necromorphs’ not zombies…but, they’re creepy and zombie-esq (oh yea!). So, it counts, sort of. Good game, truly. Scary and a very engrossing storyline. Don’t want to give anything away, as it’s a really great storyline, but the end is quite jumpy! Play!

*Sighs* more of a time filler post, than an actual serious one! Of course, RE5 isn’t on here, as I haven’t played it yet, grr! That shall change in 50 minutes! I’m probably gonna edit this post abit and put in some more decent zombie games

Originally posted: Friday, 13th March 2009

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