You are not your gamerscore! …Or are you?

Are we, as gamers, indentified by our gamertag or our gamerscore? Does it really matter how many achievements you have or haven’t got? As of late, the answer seems to be a resounding yes. Are people friends with gamers with high gamerscore, because they like the person or their achievement unlocking abilities? Sadly, I think it’s the latter.

Are we playing for fun or achievements? The answer is usually achievements. When was the last time you put a game into your Xbox360 console, with the sole purpose of just enjoying that game, without trying to gain an achievement?

I love the idea of achievements, I think it’s great that you’re being rewarded with something, for being good at a game. I love it even more, when an achievement just pops up, without you actually trying to get it. Playing for hours on end, with just achievements in mind defeats the point of a game being fun.

Why do we care so much about achievements? Are we gaining them for ourselves or for others? Does it really just boil down to wanting attention and admiration? Not in all cases, some people are just genuinely that good.

However, instead of being able to accept that some people are good at games, some people are average and some people just do want to play and not bother trying for achievements, there are those who can’t handle not being as good as someone with a gamerscore bigger than theirs. Which brings us onto the question of legit gamerscore and cheaters. Obviously the cheaters fall into the catergory of wanting achievements for attention and admiration, instead they usually get flamed and reset.

What about boosting? Is that cheating? I tend to think yes, if you can’t unlock an achievement without having to boost (getting friends to help you. ie – sticky grenade kill 10 people) then it is, to a degree cheating.

I know some great gamers, with very high gamerscore, who are legit. Yet, instead of being admired they get hassel and are accused of cheating. People need to grow up and realise that gamerscore is a number, whether it’s big, small or non-existant, it’s just a number.

Happy gaming =)

Edit: in regards to boosting, I had a chat with a good friend of mine and, I didn’t make myself very clear on where I sit with boosting. I feel that boosting is cheating if you do it on a game such as Halo 3, this game is still played alot, there should be no need to boost on it, unless you’re lazy. However, for older games, that no one really plays anymore, you have no choice but to boost or settle for not being able to 1k the game. Hope I’ve made myself slightly clearer.

Originally posted: Friday, 12th June 2009

~ by HerEvilRoyalty on March 5, 2010.

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