XBox LIVE vs. Female Gamers

I wonder why some males feel that females shouldn’t play video games? Along with, why do they seem to think that a female playing an online multiplayer game, is automatically looking for a boyfriend?

Random messages I’ve recieved in the last few days and weeks:

  • Suck my d*** – that’s a popular one.
  • Get the d*** out of your mouth and play – fair enough, I left the game to get a drink and forgot to back out of the lobby.
  • Get off the game and go have some babies.
  • You’re a f***ing tease, stop chasing me – sent while playing TDM on COD5.
  • You’re a guy pretending to be a chick.
  • Do you want to cyber?
  • Will you go on cam and show me your breasts? – they didn’t use that term, they used t***. Mature, very.

It goes on and on like that. I’ve also recieved picture messages, I’ve since learnt to never open them. I had to bleach my eyes.

Seriously though, why do alot of male gamers revert back to 12 years old? They’re perfectly normal when you enter a lobby (I’m using COD5 as my example, as it happens on there to me the most) and suddenly some of them notice a female orientated gamertag and zone in. Randomly shouting out my gamertag and asking me to go on mic.

One thing I did find amusing and quite sweet a couple of days ago, was one person who kept saying congrats or well done everytime I got a kill, bless. It wasn’t needed, but still nice. Better than being verbally abused anyway!

My point is, girl gamers aren’t special. We don’t lounge around playing games in our sexy underwear, just waiting for a guy to try and friend us. Well…at least I don’t and neither do most of the females I talk to. We’re no different to guy gamers, so why are we treat differently?

I can play a game of COD5 with 3 other males in my party and they won’t get a speck of bother. They can have a k/d of 5/22 and not get told to wake up or be shouted at. I can have a k/d of 10/4 and be shouted at, called names and targeted, even by my own team! Fair enough, they can’t team kill me, but they still follow me about, randomly knifing me and throwing grenades off me…why do that? It’s not going to make me quit playing, it’s going to make me submit a bad review and file a complaint!

Onto the “raping/humping” issue. Yes, yes it’s absolutely hilarious, even after the 12th time -.- I know alot of people find it humiliating and uncalled for, I find it uncalled for. However, I like to look at it from the person doing the “acts” perspective. How pathetic must their life be…? That is how they get their kicks. I figure, knock yourself out, I’ll make sure I know where you are (COD’s killcam), skip the “show”, then fire a rocket at your face.

Originally posted: Wednesday, 4th February 2009

~ by HerEvilRoyalty on March 5, 2010.

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