LotR: Conquest Review

LotR: Conquest – the link is to play.com, as it’s a great place to buy things and you get reviews from people who have either tried the demo or the full game.

Before renting this game, I read alot of the reviews from the linked site and at first was slightly put off. However, I downloaded the demo and was on it for literally 4 hours. Once I got the hang of the multiplayer, there was no getting me off it! So the following day I rented it.

Now, the game has recieved alot of criticism. It’s not visually stunning, the voice acting is below parr, if you get knocked down – you get drilled and cannot stand back up, resulting in an irritating death, the campaigns are very short. But! It is still a good game! I don’t know if I’d go so far as to purchase it, £39.99 is still quite expensive for it, in my opinion. If it was perhaps £29.99 or £32.99 I would consider it. Anyway, back to the game!

You start out in a training mode, this gets you used to the 4 “classes”. Warrior: sword for close range attacks, throwing axes for ranged attacks, flame sword ability – you get an energy bar which you have to fill to use the flame abilities. Scout: invisibility – very good in MP, especially if you’re health is low, throw on the old invisibility and run!, stealth attack from behind, 2 small swords, satchel bombs. Mage: heal ability for yourself and teammates, flame wall – ball of flame, lightning – doesn’t need to be recharged so it’s great for keeping warriors and scouts away from you, protective shield that deflects arrows, axes and other magic. Archer (my personal favourite): flame arrows – great for knocking back enemies closing in on you, poison arrows – again, great for attacking enemies as it poisons them over time and slows them down, multiple arrows – brilliant attack, if you’ve got a couple of enemies it’ll hit both or if just one, they’ll all hit just the single target, plus you can stand well clear of battle and just take out enemies from afar – evil little sniper! Wow, I do go on, don’t I?

So the campaign, you start out on the ‘good’ side. You have various ‘missions’ throughout each level. Such as killing a specific person, capturing a certain point or taking something to a specific location. Sounds boring, but it goes by very fast. The levels are really very short. Before I knew what was happening, I was killing Saruman, then straight onto the ‘evil’ side of the campaign. The evil side is actually even shorter than the good side! As previously stated, the game is not visually stunning, but still quite addictive.

The gameplay is essentially just ‘Dynasty Warriors’ with hobbits, elves, dwarves and walking trees – ents, hehe. Achievements are very easy to get and very regular.

Onto the fun part! Multiplayer!

The multiplayer for this game is what could persuade me into buying it, actually. There’s regular team deathmatch – first to 50 kills wins, capture the ring – first to 3 captures wins – grab the ring, run to the enemy base and viola! A point! Conquest – first to 1000 points – you have the capture specific locations on the map, if you have a decent team that is communicating it’s easy, if not, just run about and die alot. Hero tdm – same as regular tdm, but you start out as a ‘hero’ from whichever side you’re playing on ie. Legolas, Aragorn for good and Lurtz, Saruman for evil.

Getting a match is quite difficult as not many people play, but if you’re lucky enough to get a full team, it can be very fun and addictive. Of course, it’ll never touch the CoD or GoW multiplayer games, but it is a fun and different way to play.

I would definetly reccommend renting the game before purchasing though! Also, if you’re expecting GoW like graphics, please steer clear!

NOTE: my first ‘review’, not sure if it’s any good or even if it’s very informative…ah well, I’ll learn…I hope!

Originally posted: Thursday, 5th February 2009

~ by HerEvilRoyalty on March 5, 2010.

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