GTAVI & 1600 MS Points

So you’ve purchased GTA IV for £39.99. (although, I have seen it for cheaper, other places. Let’s go with the £39.99 price, as that’s what people would have generally paid for it, when it first came out.)

You’ve played through the campaign and multiplayer and, finally! New DLC (aka downloadable content)! When I first heard of the DLC, I assumed it would be 800MS Points, even 1200 at a push. How wrong I was! 1600 Points! Yikes! I appreciate that it’s a whole new add-on campaign with achievements worth 250GS. But, after already paying £39.99 for the game, do I really want to pay £17.50 for 2100MS Points or £13,99 for 1600 GTA IV Edition MS Points?

Honestly? I’d rather use my points on an Arcade game or horde them for the upcoming CoD:WaW map pack, as I personally will get far more enjoyment from that DLC. Also, it will last me longer, as I never tire of TDM MP.

I appreciate that many people will be more than happy to pay the money for the points, then the points for the download. I however, am not. I think 1600 points is far too expensive, 1200 points would have been more than adequate for the download.

Sorry, but I won’t be bothering with this episode. I’m probably one of very few though. I hope whoever does purchase the DLC enjoys it. I guess I’m just a cheapskate! =p

Original post date: Thursday, 19th February 2009

~ by HerEvilRoyalty on March 5, 2010.

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