Girl Gamer? No! Gamer, Just Gamer!

I’m a gamer, who happens to be female. I don’t like to refer to myself, or be referred to, as a “girl gamer”. I’m proud to be a gamer, not thinking of myself as a “girl gamer”, which inevitably conjures up images of unicorns and ‘Barbie’ games.
Girls who do refer to themselves as “girl gamers”, or state “a girl beat you” in their profiles, irritate me. Why would anyone, irrespective of gender, feel the need to justify themselves? Both genders can have great skills as a gamer.
Girls are quite capable of playing a FPS game, without having to make reference to their gender. You don’t beat someone because you’re a girl or a boy, you beat them because you’ve practised, and have mastered the game.
Yes, some females do get attitude and hassel over XBox LIVE, PSN or whatever gaming platform they’re using. Again, this doesn’t mean we as females need to justify ourselves, it simply means we need to rise above it, as we are on par and are equal to male gamers.
The suggestion of a “girl gamer” being inferior to alternative gamers, i.e. “boy gamers” is pretty ludicrous, in my opinion. We girls are just as capable as the “boy gamers”, but I don’t see the latter being used too often.
Why can’t we just all settle for being called gamers? Good gamers can be female, as well as male.
Originally posted: 4th March 2010

~ by HerEvilRoyalty on March 5, 2010.

2 Responses to “Girl Gamer? No! Gamer, Just Gamer!”

  1. I feel like putting ‘you just got owned by a boy’ on my profile now. 😀

  2. Great read Sarah, I have been saying the exact same thing for years now, that ‘girl gamer’ is such a redundant term. At the end of the day, gaming is a non-exclusive hobby to be enjoyed by everyone regardless is sex, race, age or social status, so why are we still using exclusive terms?

    In fact the people who drag it down (not mostly however) are self proclaimed ‘Guuurrl gamers’ the taunting girls who brag that they can beat any man at any game on any day of the week…with their eyes closed and both arms tied behind their back.

    No one’s saying they couldn’t do that, so I don’t get why they haveto segregate female gamers further, by being so brash. Still, it’s a minority…

    Again grey read Saraj, really enjoyable 🙂


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